• About ISF

    The indiasemiconductorforum is a information portal and community/forum
    website designed with the needs of global electronics design engineers .The
    forum will help in information sharing, collaboration ,social networking ,
    demonstrating social networking within in ,design engineers community by
    starting content sharing, public discussions , reviews on the latest
    semiconductor products , collaborating with other uses to develop solutions
    and simplifying the Semiconductor design life cycle from chip design to the
    latest applications

    ISF (Short form for indiasemiconductorforum.com) is free to use. We do not
    charge you for using the forums, posting classifieds, reading our reviews,
    watching our videos. We only ask that you, as a visitor to ISF, allow us to
    show you the adverts which sustain and help grow this resource.

    At indiasemiconductorforum.com you can get totally free advice from other
    people on all subjects relating to Semiconductor and its related products.

    EDE /EDA / Student community often come to find what products to evaluate,
    design where to buy them from, and how to get the most out of them after
    they get them on the design table.

    There is an ever growing membership getting satisfaction from helping
    others achieve the best from their design expertise, experiences, whether
    by answering questions aired or passing on their experiences gained.

    As well as being a vibrant and exciting forum community, ISF also has its
    own in house editorial team to produce original reviews, and videos.
    Our philosophy in our forums, reviews, and feature videos is to promote
    semiconductors and its related products by gathering and sharing the best
    information and resources available

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