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  1. Global GaN Radio Frequency Devices Market Growth of 18.94% CAGR by 2020 - Analysis, T
  2. Global $59 Billion IC Manufacturing Equipment and Materials Market Report 2016 - Rese
  3. Top 4 Emerging Trends Impacting the Global Managed Services Market until 2020: Techna
  4. Satellite M2M Communications Market 2015-2022
  5. Frequency Converter Market- growing demand and supply of frequency changers; new type
  6. Global Smart Lighting Market to Grow at a CAGR of Over 19% Through 2020 Owing to Larg
  7. Top 3 Trends Impacting the Global Mobile EMV POS Terminals Market Through 2020: Techn
  8. Top 3 Trends Impacting the Global Radio Frequency Front-end Module Market Through 202
  9. Global Optical Isolator Market to Witness Growth Through 2020, Due to Increase in Glo
  10. Top 3 Trends Impacting the Global LED Lighting Ballast Market 2016-2020: Technavio
  11. Global GaN Semiconductor Devices Market is Expected to be Worth USD 3438.4 Million by
  12. Global Semiconductor Packaging Equipment Market Will Witness the Dominance of APAC Th
  13. Global GaN Semiconductor Devices Market is Expected to be Worth USD 3438.4 Million by
  14. The Global Robotics Industry is at a Critical Turning Point as Non-Industrial Robots
  15. Silego Announces Shipping More Than 2 Billion Configurable Mixed-signal ICs
  16. Global Semiconductor Laser Market 2016-2020 - Shortage in Supply of Rare-Earth Elemen
  17. Global Flowmeter Market Growth of 11.45% CAGR by 2020 - Trends, Technologies & Opport
  18. Global and Chinese Display Driver & Touch IC Industry - 2016 - Research and Markets
  19. Test and Measurement Equipment Market Worth 35.45 Billion USD by 2022
  20. Global Gas Analyzer Market to Grow 3.13% by 2020 - Rise of MEMS-based Sensors Technol
  21. Consumer Drone Sales to Increase Tenfold to 67.7 Million Units Annually by 2021, Acco
  22. Global Semiconductor Capital Equipment Market Growth of 4.02% CAGR by 2020 - Analysis
  23. Modest Growth for PCB Global Markets, Forecasts BCC Research
  24. Technavio Announces Top Three Emerging Trends Impacting the Global RTLS Market for In
  25. Global Silicon Photonics Market Worth USD 1,078.9 Million by 2022 - Analysis, Technol
  26. Global NOR Flash Market Growth of less than 1% CAGR by 2020 - Analysis, Technologies
  27. Gartner Says Public Cloud Services in the Middle East and North Africa Region Forecas
  28. Technavio Announces Top Seven Vendors in the Global Signal Generator Market from 2016
  29. The North American PEV Market Is Expected to Experience 62 Percent Year-over-Year Gro
  30. Europe Embedded Computing Market (2016 - 2022) - Spain Is Expected to Experience the
  31. Global IoT Market in the Transportation Sector to Record a Revenue of USD 195 Billion
  32. Technavio Announces Top Three Emerging Trends Impacting the Global Semiconductor Phot
  33. Rising Demand for Electronic Devices to Drive the Global Semiconductor Deposition Mar
  34. Proliferation of Smartphones and Tablets Driving the Global Radio Frequency Duplexer
  35. Leading Automotive Manufacturers Are Competing Hard to be First to Launch Advanced Au
  36. Gartner Says India PC Shipments Declined 7.4 Percent in First Quarter of 2016
  37. The North American Smart Meter Market Has Plateaued
  38. Global & Chinese GaN Power Transistors Industry Report 2016-2021 - Analysis, Technolo
  39. Growing Demand for Thermography Software Will Significantly Augment the Global Infrar
  40. Global Semiconductor Metallization & Interconnects Market Worth USD 1.8 Billion by 20
  41. Technavio Announces Top 11 Vendors in the Global Stylus Pen Market Until 2020
  42. Wearable Equipment Demand to Drive Global Embedded Software Market Growth to 7% by 20
  43. Computer Vision Hardware and Software Market to Reach $48.6 Billion by 2022, Accordin
  44. ISF market reports :India streetlights Expected to Reach $1,868.9 Million by 2022
  45. Toshiba Develops World's First High-Speed, Low-Power, 1Xnm Size MTJ Element for Non-V
  46. LED Lighting Market in Southeast Asia - Growth is Certain Amid Multi-dimensional Chal
  47. Global Vacuum Pumps Market to 2021 - Key Players are Gardner Denver, Atlas Copco & Pf
  48. Global Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) Market Worth $32.2 Billion by 2025 - Key Playe
  49. RF Power Semiconductor Market Worth USD 31.26 Billion by 2022 - Increasing Demand in
  50. Technical Scrutiny on Semiconductor Equipment & Materials Stocks -- Applied Materials
  51. Smart City Solutions Push Providers and City Planners to Coordinate on Wireless Conne
  52. Semiconductor Quartz Crucibles & OEM Parts Market - Forecast to Reach $1.3B - Researc
  53. Emergence of Smart Cities and Advances in Automotive Lighting Predicted to Drive the
  54. Growing Demand from APAC Predicted to Drive the Global Embedded Systems Market Throug
  55. LED Luminaire Sales for Horticultural Applications Are Expected to Total $2.8 Billion
  56. Mobile Packet Data Core Spend Totals US$ 42 Billion through 2021; NFV Accounts for Ha
  57. Global Revenue from Shipments of Residential Internet of Things Devices Expected to T
  58. Keeping Cargo Theft at Bay: ABI Research Estimates Goods Tracking Market to Swell to
  59. Global Semiconductor Sales Decrease in April; Annual Sales Projected to Dip Slightly
  60. Global Computer on Module Market to Post a CAGR of Almost 18% During the Period 2016-
  61. Mobile Payments Need Biometrics to Improve User Experience and Adoption
  62. The Global Market for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment is Expected to Reach 2.5 Mill
  63. Gartner Says Worldwide Smartphone Sales to Slow in 2016
  64. Physical Security Market Size Estimated to Reach $110.09 Billion by 2020: Grand View
  65. IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Ethernet Switch and Router Trackers Show Slight Growth Amid
  66. Worldwide Enterprise Storage Market Sees Continued Decline in First Quarter, Accordin
  67. Worldwide WLAN Market Shows Steady Growth in the First Quarter of 2016, According to
  68. Wireless Gigabit Market Worth USD 2.73 Billion by 2022 - Need For Higher Data Through
  69. Annual Revenue for Communicating and Smart Thermostats is Expected to Reach $4.4 Bill
  70. Gartner Says Worldwide Server Revenue Declined 2.3 Percent in the First Quarter of 20
  71. Global Thyristor Market 2016-2020 - Growth in Smart Grid Market / Low Adoption in Low
  72. Smart Clothing to Disrupt Fashion’s Future; Market to Top 18 Million Articles in 2021
  73. Pressure Sensors Market to Exhibit Growth at 6.0% CAGR From 2014 to 2020: Grand View
  74. Advanced IC Packaging Technologies, Materials and Markets, 2016-2020 - Research and M
  75. Global Electronic Component Market Worth 4.4 Billion by 2020 - Polymers Used In Elect
  76. ISF -MR :Seven Top-20 1Q16 Semiconductor Suppliers Show Double-Digit Declines
  77. Growing Demand from APAC to Significantly Drive the Global Thyristor Market Until 202
  78. Global LED Market 2016-2020 - Market to grow at a CAGR of 15% - Research and Markets
  79. MEMS & Sensors Industry Group Navigates MEMS and Sensors for 50 Billion Connected Dev
  80. FPGA Market Size Projected to Reach $9882.5 Million by 2020: Grand View Research, Inc
  81. Terminal Block Market Growing at 5.5% CAGR to 2022 Led by HVAC & Industry Controls
  82. Technavio Announces Top Nine Prominent Vendors in the Global Occupancy Sensor Market
  83. Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Market Size Projected to Reach $46.40 Billion by 2
  84. Smart Home M2M Market in APAC 2016-2020
  85. Global Smart Sensor Market Worth USD 57.77 Billion by 2022 - Analysis, Technologies &
  86. Global Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits (RFIC) Market to Witness 7% CAGR During 20
  87. Vincotech Corners a Quarter of the World's Solar Market in 2015
  88. Five Months into the Year and Market Finally Reaching Bottom; IDC Forecasts Worldwide
  89. ISF MR : Global IoT Chip Market Worth USD 9.32 Billion by 2022
  90. Global Chipless RFID Market 2016-2020 - Issues with Data Security - Key Vendors are A
  91. Molded Interconnect Devices (MID) Market Size Over $629 Million by 2023: Global Marke
  92. Smart Mobility on the Rise: Global Electric Vehicle Revenue to Hit $58 Billion in 202
  93. Integrated Modem-Application Processors Market Plateauing Despite Strong Push from th
  94. Smart Sensor Market Worth 57.77 Billion USD by 2022
  95. Gartner Says Worldwide Semiconductor Capital Spending to Decline 2 Percent in 2016
  96. The Internet of Space (IoS): A Future Backbone for the Internet of Things?
  97. Global Scanning Electron Microscope Market Growth of 7.65% CAGR by 2020 - Analysis, T
  98. Global Semiconductor Stepper System Market - Growing Demand for Miniaturization - Key
  99. Retail Sees 400% YoY Growth in Wi-Fi Indoor Analytics Installations
  100. Global Semiconductor Microscopes Market Growth of 7.6% CAGR by 2020 - Analysis, Techn
  101. Global Building Data Integration Revenue Is Expected to Reach $971.3 Million in 2025
  102. Gartner Says Public Cloud Services in India Forecast to Reach $1.26 Billion in 2016
  103. Streaming Media Adapter Market Faces Mounting Pressure on Pricing and Product Differe
  104. Global Revenue from Carsharing Services Is Expected to Total $34.6 Billion from 2015
  105. World Market for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) & Semiconductors in ADAS -
  106. Technavio Expects the Global Radio Frequency (RF) Filter Market to Reach USD 2.5 Bill
  107. Global and Chinese Liquid Level Sensor Industry Report 2016 - Research and Markets
  108. ABI Research Anticipates More Than 20 Billion Cumulative Wi-Fi Chipset Shipments by 2
  109. Annual Sales of Electric and Hybrid Medium and Heavy Duty Buses Are Expected to Excee
  110. Deep Learning Enterprise Software Spending to Surpass $40 Billion Worldwide by 2024,
  111. Gartner Says India IT infrastructure Spending on Pace to Reach $1.9 Billion in 2016
  112. Home and Building Automation Segment Will Continue to Dominate the Global Nano PLC Ma
  113. Technavio Announces Top Five Vendors in the Global Micro PLC Market from 2016 to 2020
  114. ISF MR : NXP Tops Automotive Semiconductor Vendor Rankings
  115. Growing Demand for Miniaturization and Integration of ICs Predicted to Drive the Glob
  116. Technavio Announces Top Six Vendors in the Global Sensor Module Market in the Automot
  117. Technavio Announces Top Ten Vendors in the Global AC and DC Power Market Until 2020
  118. Smart Clothing and Body Sensor Shipments to Total 190 Million through 2021, According
  119. Global Optical Sensor Market to Exceed USD 33 Billion by 2020, According to Technavio
  120. Global Semiconductor Industry M&A Analysis and Future Trends 2016 - Acquirer Type (ID
  121. Global Semiconductor Coolers Market Growth of 8.15% CAGR by 2020 - Analysis, Technolo
  122. Global Pressure Sensors Market Worth USD 7.92 Billion by 2020 - Analysis, Technologie
  123. Global pH Sensors Market Report 2015-2020 - Analysis, Technologies & Forecasts - Key
  124. Trust Automation Provides Vehicle Leveling Systems for Military Applications
  125. The Global Market for Nanoelectronics 2016 - Research and Markets
  126. Moving the Market With the Mali Powered Samsung Galaxy S7
  127. Global Electronic Chemicals and Materials Market 2016-2020 - Slowdown in Semiconducto
  128. Flip Chip Technology Market worth 31.27 Billion USD by 2022 - Research and Markets
  129. Technavio Announces Top Four Trends for the Global Transfer Switch Market Through 202
  130. Healthcare Wearable Device Shipments to Reach 98 Million Units Annually by 2021, Acco
  131. Healthcare IT Has Strong First Quarter With $1.4B in VC Funding, Reports Mercom Capit
  132. Technavio Expects the Global Photonic Sensors Market to Exceed USD 30 Billion by 2020
  133. Technavio Announces Top Three Emerging Trends Impacting the Global Industrial Safety
  134. Gartner Says Worldwide PC Shipments Declined 9.6 Percent in First Quarter of 2016
  135. Demand-Side Policies Incentivizing Plug-In Electric Vehicles are Particularly Effecti
  136. ABI Research Ranks Unacast, T-Ink, Philips, and VMob as New Innovators in Indoor Loca
  137. Thin Wafer Market - Estimated to Reach $9.17 Billion by 2022 With a CAGR of 3.7% - Re
  138. Global Industrial Robotics Market to Grow at a CAGR of 7.0% From 2014 to 2020: Grand
  139. Growth in the Semiconductor Segment to Significantly Propel the Global Virtual Inspec
  140. Annual Revenue for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Sales and Services for Wind Turbine Inspec
  141. Global Wafer-Level Packaging (WLP) Market is Expected to Grow $4.9 billion by 2019 -
  142. Vehicle Sensor Crowdsourcing to Transform the Digital Map Ecosystem in Preparation fo
  143. Gartner Says Worldwide IT Spending Is Forecast to Decline 0.5 Percent in 2016
  144. Wireless Sensor Revenue Is Expected to Grow from $188 Million in 2016 to $745 Million
  145. ABI Research Ranks Harmonic, Elemental, and Akamai as Top Competitors in Video Delive
  146. Wireless Sensor Revenue is Expected to Grow from $188 Million in 2016 to $745 Million
  147. Worldwide Semiconductor Wafer-Level Manufacturing Equipment Market Declined 1 Percent
  148. The Combined Market for Energy Software in Smart Buildings Will Rise to Nearly $10Bn
  149. VSaaS and Video Analytics Drive the Convergence of IoT and Video Surveillance in Ente
  150. Global and China Machine Vision System Industry Report 2016-2020 - Research and Marke
  151. Semiconductor Device Markets in the Top 5 Asian Countries to 2020 - Market Size, Deve
  152. Global Semiconductor Device Market to 2020 - Market Size, Development, Top 10 Countri
  153. Worldwide Semiconductor Revenue Declined 2.3 Percent in 2015, According to Final Resu
  154. Research Shows HVAC Controls Market Rising at 10.8% CAGR to 2022
  155. Research Shows HVAC Controls Market Rising at 10.8% CAGR to 2022
  156. Global Smart Glasses for Industrial Applications to Post a CAGR of 146.3% until 2020,
  157. ABI Research Values Global ADAS Market at $132 Billion in 2026 with Vulnerable User D
  158. Global Semiconductor Sales Dip Slightly in February
  159. Global Semiconductor Market Slumps in 2015, IHS Says
  160. Global Semiconductor Sales Dip Slightly in February
  161. Gartner Says Technology Service Providers Must Implement a Bimodal Road Map or Risk B
  162. ISF-MR:ZigBee based thermostat to grow at 67% by 2020
  163. ISF -MR: Electronic sensor market for consumer market to reach 26.76 billion$ by 2022
  164. Technavio Announces Top Five Vendors in the Global Motion Controlled Remote Market Un
  165. RCS Is Key for Mobile Operators but Is Not Enough to Protect Their Messaging Revenues
  166. Utilities Leveraging the Internet of Things for Managed Services are Positioned to De
  167. Gartner Says Global Smartphone Sales to Only Grow 7 Per Cent in 2016
  168. Annual Capacity of Lithium Ion Batteries for Plug-In Electric Vehicle Second-Life Sta
  169. Global Printed Batteries Market to Exceed USD 418 Million by 2019, According to Techn
  170. Global Electric Vehicle Charging Station Market to Witness 52% CAGR During 2016 - 202
  171. Global Radio Frequency Components Market Analysis, Trends & Industry Forecast 2013-20
  172. Technavio Predicts the Global Semiconductor Wafer Cleaning Systems Market to Grow Fro
  173. ISF MR :Global Wireless IoT Connectivity Technologies and Markets to 2020
  174. ISF MR : Global Photonic Sensor Market CAGR Growth of 15.72% by 2020
  175. Technavio Predicts the Global Protective Relays Market to Reach USD 27.94 Billion in
  176. Global Microgrid Market Worth USD 34.94 Billion by 2022 - Analysis, Technologies & Fo
  177. China OLED Market Growth of 38% CAGR by 2021 - Analysis, Technologies & Forecasts Rep
  178. Global Smart Kitchen Market USD 7 Billion by 2020
  179. Shortwave Infrared Market Worth 118.9 Million USD by 2022
  180. Technavio Announces Top Eight Vendors in the Global Discrete Semiconductors Market Un
  181. Shortwave Infrared Market Worth 118.9 Million USD by 2022
  182. Integrated Demand-Side Management Spending Is Expected to Reach $1.2 Billion in 2025
  183. ABI Research Predicts Fingerprint Sensors, Facial Recognition Biometric Surveillance
  184. Global Advanced Ceramics & Nanoceramic Powders Market Worth USD 22.3 Billion by 2021
  185. Terahertz and Infrared Spectroscopy Market Worth 52.53 Million USD & 1.256 Billion US
  186. ABI Research Expects Cloud Computing and Big Data to Drive Global Threat and Vulnerab
  187. Gartner Says India PC Shipments Grew 10.6 Percent in Fourth Quarter of 2015
  188. Technavio Expects the Global Power Transistor Market to Exceed USD 18 Billion by 2020
  189. Technavio Announces Top Six Vendors in the Semiconductor Packaging and Test Market in
  190. Real-time Global Illumination Reaches Open-world Gaming
  191. The VCSEL Market Is Expected to Grow at a CAGR of 21.99% From 2015 to 2020
  192. Semiconductor (Silicon) IP Market Worth 7.01 Billion USD by 2022
  193. ABI Research Anticipates Accelerated Adoption of Automotive Software Over-the-Air Upd
  194. Semiconductor (Silicon) IP Market Worth 7.01 Billion USD by 2022
  195. IBM and Cisco Retain Leading Positions in Navigant Research Assessment of Smart City
  196. CMOS Image Sensor Market to Grow at a CAGR of 7.5% From 2014 to 2020: Grand View Rese
  197. Amazon Sets the Tablet Market Ablaze: ABI Research Predicts Launch of Low-Cost Fire T
  198. New Car Sharing Economy Disrupts Automotive Industry: ABI Research Predicts 400 Milli
  199. Automotive Semiconductor Market - Global Forecast to 2020 - Key Vendors are Analog De
  200. Technavio Releases New Report on Global NC Market in Electrical and Electronics Secto
  201. ABI Research Reports Significant Rise in SI/VARs with High IoT Maturity as Partner Pr
  202. Annual Revenue for the Residential Distributed Energy Resources Market Is Expected to
  203. Technavio Expects the Global Cleanroom Consumables Market to Exceed USD 9 Billion by
  204. PC Platform is Evolving, Not Dying: Chromebooks and Ultraportable PCs to Gain Volume
  205. Gartner Says Worldwide Server Revenue Grew 8.2 Percent in the Fourth Quarter of 2015,
  206. Growth of the Electronics Industry Expected to Boost the Global Tantalum Market, Says
  207. ABI Research Predicts Autonomous Parking Technology Revenues to Grow by 29.5% CAGR wi
  208. Increasing Demand for Semiconductor Wafers Will Help to Drive the Global Electron Bea
  209. Global Investment in Water Management Solutions Is Expected to Reach $2.8 Billion in
  210. Automotive Semiconductor Market Worth 48.78 Billion USD by 2022
  211. Gartner Says IoT Adoption Is Driving the Use of Platform as a Service
  212. ABI Research Survey Finds Only 35% of U.S. Consumers Considering Purchase of Smart Wa
  213. Data Center Switch Market Hits $12B in 2015, Reports Crehan Research
  214. Technavio Announces Top Five Vendors in the Global 3D IC Market from 2015 to 2019
  215. Technavio Releases New Report on the Global Smart Connected Communities Market
  216. Internet of Things (IoT): Personal and home use application
  217. Global Semiconductor Sales Off to Sluggish Start in 2016
  218. Wearable Device Shipments to Reach 560 Million Units Annually by 2021, According to T
  219. ABI Research Anticipates More Than 50 Million Mobile VR Devices to Ship by 2020 as Vi
  220. Global Investment in Drones and Robotics Technologies for Transmission and Distributi
  221. Power Transistor Market to Grow at 5.49% CAGR Driven by Small Size and Low Cost to 20
  222. ABI Research Forecasts Global Penetration of OEM Telematics in New Passenger Cars to
  223. Connected Helmet Protects Workers: IBM IoT + ARM mbed in Action
  224. Total Phase Announces Release of Data Center 6.70 for use with USB...
  225. GaN Power Devices Market Analysis 2016 by Technology, Wafer, Device, Products, Applic
  226. Global Packaged GAN LED Market Growth of 5.02% CAGR by 2020 - Analysis, Technologies
  227. Global Sensor Module for Mobile Devices Growth of 9.26% CAGR by 2020 - Analysis, Tech
  228. Technavio Releases New Report on Global CP Sensor for Consumer Applications Market
  229. 3D Printing of PCBs: “Forward Thinking” Nano Dimension to Present at IPC APEX EXPO 20
  230. SiP Technology Market (System in Package) Applications, Packaging and Testing Service
  231. ISF MR : Global FPGA Market Worth USD 7.23 Billion by 2020
  232. ISF MR -COB Light Emitting Diodes (COB LEDs) - Global Strategic Analysis 2016 - Asi
  233. ISF MR : Gartner Identifies Top 10 Internet of Things Technologies for 2017 and 2018
  234. ISF MR :Global Electric Insulator Market Growth of 6.23% by 2020
  235. ISF MR :Technavio Releases New Report on the Global Wireless Charging Market
  236. ISF -MR :Top 3 Emerging Trends for the Global Voice Controlled Device
  237. ISF MR :Inductor Market Worth 3.98 Billion USD by 2020
  238. ISF Market Reports LTE : Qualcomm clear market leader in LTE chipsets
  239. ISF MR :Technavio Ann Top 5Vendors in the Global Communication Processor Market unt
  240. ISF MR :Global Non-Volatile Memory Market Worth USD 80.54 Billion by 2022
  241. ISF MR :Demand for Location-Specific Advanced Sensors in the HVAC Segment to Drive th
  242. ABI Research Finds Mobile Processor Shipments Grew 13% YoY in 2015 and Smartphone Ver
  243. ISF MR :FPGA Market Worth 7.23 Billion USD by 2022
  244. Global and Chinese Semiconductor Silicon Wafer Industry 2016 - Analysis & Forecasts 2
  245. 129 Million Autonomous-Capable Vehicles Are Expected to Be Sold from 2020 to 2035
  246. Chinese Vendors Will Continue to Put Pressure on Established Smartphone Manufacturers
  247. Gartner Says Worldwide Smartphone Sales Grew 9.7 Percent in Fourth Quarter of 2015
  248. ISF Market Report : The Wi-Fi Semiconductor Market Will Reach More Than $12B in 2020
  249. Growing Demand for Compact Devices to Boost the Global Printed Circuit Board Market b
  250. Global Semiconductor Industry Report 2016 - Analysis, Technologies, Trends & Forecast