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  1. Tips and Tricks: Rescaling for Non-Voltage Measurements
  2. NXP GreenChip Platform Shrinks Size of Laptop Power Adapters
  3. Fairchild Launches A New Brand, Symbolizing A Major Company Transformation
  4. ON Semiconductor to Demonstrate Highly Integrated Controllers that Support Robust and
  5. TDK to Exhibit at 2014 Applied Power Electronics Conference
  6. Enphase Energy Celebrates 3,000th Installation in The Netherlands in Under 24 Months
  7. Fairchild Reveals Why It's the Preeminent Power Management Company to Partner with at
  8. Customize and simulate analog designs with TI's WEBENCH® Schematic Editor
  9. Asia Powercom Announces 'Surge Ahead Scheme' for Partners on Surge Protectors
  10. Power Integrations Wins Another Patent Case Against Fairchild
  11. ON Semiconductor’s ASIC Design Methodology Meets Stringent Requirements of DO-254 Sta
  12. Fairchild Semiconductor Appoints Chris Allexandre Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sa
  13. Design Example for Low-Cost, Low-Component 350 W PFC Front End
  14. ENERGY STAR's Most Efficient Program Gains Momentum in 2013
  15. ENERGY STAR's Most Efficient Program - A Look at the Year So Far
  16. Reference Design for Efficient PAR38 LED Spotlight
  17. Fairchild Semiconductor's Power Seminars Focus on Engineering Energy Efficiency
  18. Final Draft of New ENERGY STAR Computer Spec is Here
  19. Two New Dimmable LED Lighting Designs Using LYTSwitch-4
  20. Report on Efficiency Costs Shows Surprising Results
  21. Cost of Efficiency Less Than Expected?
  22. Fairchild Semiconductor Highlights Energy Efficient, Easy-to-Use Power Solutions at E
  23. U.S. Department of Energy Changes L Prize Requirements
  24. U.S. DOE Modifies L Prize Requirements for LED PAR38 Lamps
  25. ENERGY STAR Unveils Final Draft of Lamp Spec
  26. ENERGY STAR Illuminates Final Lamp Program Specification
  27. NRDC Examines Small Network Energy Use
  28. PI and Qualcomm Team up to Develop High Speed Chargers for Mobile Devices
  29. 5.8 W TRIAC Dimmable, PFC LED Driver for GU10 Lamps
  30. Fairchild Semiconductor's Global Power Resource
  31. Tesla’s Legacy: Wireless Power Transfer
  32. EPA Publishes Draft of Telephony ENERGY STAR Spec
  33. Dialing Up Draft 1 of a New Telephony Efficiency Program Spec
  34. California Energy Commission Calls for Proposals to Improve Efficiency
  35. CEC Moves Forward with Process for New Efficiency Standards
  36. DOE Efficiency Standard for Microwaves Could save Billions
  37. DOE Finishes Cooking Up New Microwave Oven Efficiency Standard
  38. Power Integrations Launches the LYTSwitch-0 Family of LED-Driver ICs
  39. International Rectifier to Showcase Latest Power Management Solutions at TECHNO-FRONT
  40. ENERGY STAR Publishes Draft 3 of Small Networking Equipment Spec
  41. ENERGY STAR Nears Completion of Small Network Spec
  42. Read the Latest Edition of PI's Efficiency Watch
  43. Europe and the U.S. Move Towards Tighter EPS Efficiency
  44. Europe Moves Closer to Tighter Power Supply Efficiency Requirements
  45. Department of Energy Report Takes the Pulse of LED Savings
  46. Department of Energy Report Highlights LED Cost Savings in 2012
  47. Fairchild Semiconductor to Standardize Globally on Camstar Manufacturing Platform
  48. Three New IGBT Driver Products from Concept
  49. 200 V Qspeed Diodes Optimize Efficiency and Minimize EMI
  50. Power Integrations Reinvents its Databook with New Mobile App
  51. International Rectifier Commences Commercial Shipments of Gallium Nitride on Silicon
  52. Vishay Intertechnology's New 1 A Miniature Glass Passivated Single-Phase Bridge Recti
  53. MTPV Power Corporation Receives TechConnect National Innovation Award
  54. CEC Sets Workshops to Discuss Appliance Efficiency Request for Information Responses
  55. Power Integrations Reports First-Quarter Financial Results
  56. ENERGY STAR Lamp Spec Moves Forward
  57. U.S. EPA Shines Light on Latest Lamp Specification Draft
  58. Power Integrations to Announce First-Quarter Financial Results on May 2
  59. U.S. Proposed Battery Charger Standard Moving Forward
  60. The U.S. DOE Looks at California's Battery Charger Standard
  61. Highly Efficient 14 W Dimmable LED Design for low-line PAR20 Lamps
  62. A Call to Stakeholders to Participate in New CEC Rulemaking
  63. California Starts New Efficiency Standards Process with April Webinars
  64. Power Factor Corrected (PFC) 23 W T8 Design Using LYTSwitch
  65. ENERGY STAR Game Console Spec is Now Here
  66. EPA Publishes Voluntary Criteria for ENERGY STAR Game Consoles
  67. Rulemaking Changes at the Department of Energy Could Speed Things Up
  68. Mr. Green Discusses New Rulemaking at the Department of Energy
  69. PI Expert Suite 9.0 Power Supply Design Software Supports LED Lighting
  70. Fairchild Semiconductor’s Smart Gate Driver Optocoupler Enables Simpler Design and In
  71. Is a New Television Efficiency Standard in the Works?
  72. "Tuning In" a New U.S. Television Efficiency Standard?
  73. Fairchild Semiconductor’s BLDC/PMSM Motor Controller with Parallel Processing Cores P
  74. Is Europe Getting Closer to Reducing Networked Standby Power Consumption?
  75. Europe Moves Toward Lowering Networked Appliance Power Consumption
  76. Fairchild Semiconductor's Haptic Drivers Provide Solutions You Can Feel for a Richer,
  77. Fairchild Semiconductor Receives Two Prestigious Awards in China
  78. Fairchild Semiconductor to Showcase High-Performance Power Solutions at electronica C
  79. LED-Downlight Design Achieves High-Performance Dimming and Reduces Component Count
  80. Fairchild Semiconductor’s Haptic Drivers Provide Solutions You Can Feel for a Richer,
  81. PI Reports Fourth-Quarter and Full-Year 2012 Financial Results
  82. ISF News Power - New ENERGY STAR Imaging Equipment Spec Released
  83. ENERGY STAR Announces New Telephony Spec
  84. ENERGY STAR Dials up a New Telephony Spec
  85. Change on the Horizon for EPS Requirements?
  86. CONCEPT Design Center Delivers High-Performance IGBT Driver Solutions
  87. EC Ecodesign Directive Enters Next Phase
  88. European Commission Finalizes Next Phase of Ecodesign Directive
  89. Power Integrations at Lighting Japan 2013
  90. Rewarding Higher Power Supply Efficiency in Computers
  91. Power Integrations Wins Patent Case in China
  92. New 24 W LED Driver Design for T10 Tube Lamp
  93. Fairchild Semiconductor Enriches the Mobile User Experience Through Innovation of Ana
  94. PI's New LED Driver Design Delivers Long Lifetime and High Efficiency
  95. 2013 "Most Efficient" Requirements Are Out
  96. ENERGY STAR Publishes 2013 Most Efficient Requirements
  97. More Developments on California's LED Lamp Spec
  98. Final Draft of California's LED Spec Now Available
  99. PI Sets New Standard for Power Density in LED-Driver Designs for T8-Tubes
  100. ENERGY STAR Moves Closer to Small Networking Equipment Spec
  101. Networking With a Little Less Power Consumption?
  102. The Taming of the Set-top Box?
  103. TI's WEBENCH® tools export power and LED lighting designs to industry-leading CAD dev
  104. Power Integrations at Electronica 2012
  105. TI transforms mobile charging experience with wireless power
  106. Read Mr. Green's Follow-up on California's LED Rebate Spec
  107. ISF Qtr - Power Integrations Reports Third-Quarter Financial Results
  108. TI's new 28-V, 500-mA step-down converter provides highest efficiency at light loads
  109. IDT Wireless Power Solutions Selected by Primax for Wireless Charging Accessories
  110. New Design Example for 12.8 W High PF LED Driver for Down Light
  111. CEC Proposes Rebate Requirements for LED Efficiency
  112. ISF- Blog - Power Rebates for Consumer-Friendly LED Light Bulbs Coming Our Way?
  113. ISF PR - Power - Power Integrations Launches TinySwitch™-4
  114. ISF -Power -Fairchild Semi to Focus on Silicon Carbide Solutions at electronica Europ
  115. Fairchild Semiconductor to Focus on Silicon Carbide Solutions at electronica Europe 2
  116. ISF- Power - TinySwitch-4 Data Sheet
  117. The EPA Adds Large Network Equipment to its Data Center Initiatives
  118. Large Network Equipment Added to ENERGY STAR Data Center Initiatives
  119. ISF- Passives -Video on Understanding SiC Schottky Diodes
  120. Fairchild Semiconductor to Focus on Power Supply, Mobile, Motion Control, Lighting an
  121. ISf- Approvals - EC Ecodesign Proposal Broadens Coverage of Professional and Resident
  122. Fairchild Semiconductor’s LED Backlight Boost Switches Reduce Power Losses, Minimize
  123. ISF- Power - Europe's Ecodesign Directive Illuminates Directional and LED Lamp Perfor
  124. ISF- News - Power - UL Warns of Counterfeit UL Marks on AC Adapters
  125. ISF -News-Power - Enecsys Continues to dominate in European Micro Inverter Market
  126. New Information on Mounting ICs is Now Available!
  127. 14.5 W TRIAC Dimmable Non-Isolated LED Driver for A19 Lamps
  128. ENERGY STAR'S Most Efficient Program Continues Through 2013
  129. ISF- News - Power - 48V for car electrification
  130. Europe's Ecodesign Directive Activity Increasing During Final Months of 2012
  131. ISf- Approvals -2012 - A Year of Changes for the EC Ecodesign Directive
  132. Lowest Component Count T8 Tube Design - High Efficiency and Low THD
  133. ISF- News - Power -IR to Exhibit Latest Automotive Power Management Solutions at SA
  134. ISF- News -Power -Vicor to Highlight New Power Semicon and System Innovation
  135. Fairchild Semiconductor Improves Motor Drive Efficiency and Reliability with Latest S
  136. ISF- News - Power - Fairchild Semi Improves Motor Drive Efficiency and Reliability
  137. IDT Joins the Alliance for Wireless Power to Assist in Propagation of Innovative Wire
  138. ISF- News - Power -Tightening the Belt on Large Screen TV Energy Consumption
  139. ISF-News - Power Intersil Rad-Hard Technology Supports Historic Curiosity Mission
  140. ISF-News- Pow TI adapter power chips conserve energy, speed adoption of univ charging
  141. Fairchild Semiconductor Focuses on Mobile Designs for Improved User Experience at Por
  142. Fairchild Semiconductor Focuses on Mobile Designs for Improved User Experience at Por
  143. Fairchild Semiconductor’s Global Mobile Resource Center Provides Product Testing; Hel
  144. International Rectifier and Power-One Enter Into Patent License Agreement
  145. Fairchild Semiconductor’s Circuit Protection Initiative Helps Designers Simplify Syst
  146. Fairchild Semiconductor's Circuit Protection Initiative Helps Designers Simplify Syst
  147. Solid Solar's "Pay as you use" model lights up un-electrified villages
  148. TI's new WEBENCH System Power Architect speeds design of multi-output, high-performan
  149. TI's new WEBENCH System Power Architect speeds design of multi-output, high-performan
  150. New AMD E-Series APUs Set the High Bar for Essential Notebook Battery Life
  151. Fairchild Semiconductor's EcoSPARK 2 Ignition Coil Driver Reduces Power Dissipation,
  152. Fairchild Semiconductor's Enhanced Reset Timers Give Mobile Device Users a Simple Res
  153. Fairchild Semiconductor Technologists to Present Innovative Solutions in Power Electr
  154. Fairchild Semiconductor's P-Channel PowerTrench WL-CSP MOSFETs Minimize Board Space i
  155. Fairchild Semiconductor to Attend Three Key Financial Conferences in May
  156. Power Integrations Found to Infringe Fairchild Semiconductor Patent Rights; Fairchild
  157. iWatt ICs Power 200W Street Lights
  158. Fairchild Semiconductor Accuses Power Integrations’ LED Power Conversion Products in
  159. Power Integrations Reports Verdict in Patent Case Against Fairchild Semiconductor
  160. Power Integrations Found to Infringe Fairchild Semiconductor Patent Rights
  161. International Rectifier to Showcase New Automotive Power Platform for Hybrid and Elec
  162. Fairchild Receives Supplier Award from WKK Technology, a Leading EMS Provider in Grea
  163. Fairchild Semiconductor’s Boosted Class-D Amplifier Helps Mobile Device Designers Ach
  164. Fairchild Semiconductor's Boosted Class-D Amplifier Helps Mobile Device Designers Ach
  165. International Rectifier Presents Latest Power Management Solutions at PCIM Europe 201
  166. Fairchild Semiconductor and Infineon Technologies Reach License Agreement for Innovat
  167. Fairchild Semiconductor’s Stereo Class-G Headphone, Mono Filterless Class-D Speaker A
  168. Fairchild Semiconductor's Stereo Class-G Headphone, Mono Filterless Class-D Speaker A
  169. iWatt Opens IC Design Centers in Beijing & Tianjin
  170. Microsemi Unveils 24-Port Addition to 60W Family of IEEE 802.3at-Compliant POE
  171. Fairchild Semiconductor and Infineon Technologies Expand Compatibility Partnership fo
  172. Power Integrations4.5 W Dimmable LED Driver: High Efficiency and Superior Performance
  173. Fairchild Semiconductor and Infineon Technologies Expand Compatibility Partnership fo
  174. Fairchild Semiconductor’s LED Driver Compatible with Traditional TRIAC Dimming, Analo
  175. iWatt to Present at Solid State Lighting Investor Forum during Strategies in Light US
  176. AEG Power Solutions inaugurates power electronics factory in India