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  1. ISF M & A : Identification :Morpho IdentificationTier 1 Vendor for UIDAI for sale
  2. Article: ISF-M&A -Identification -Apple to buy fingerprint sensor maker AuthenTec for
  3. Consolidation in Biometrics industry , Cross match & Digital Persona merge
  4. ISF M & A - Identification ,Consolidation in Biometrics ind, HID acquires Lumidigm
  5. ISF M & A : Consolidation in Biometrics industry:Synaptics acquires Validity sensors
  6. Morpho completes the acquisition of American Banknote's European card manufacturing a
  7. ISF M & A - Identity - Safran acquires GE's residual stake in Morpho Detection Inc.
  8. INSIDE Secure Completes the Acquisition of Embedded Security Solutions (ESS)
  9. ISF- M &A - INSIDE Secure to Acquire Embedded Security Solutions (ESS)
  10. M & A : Biometrics : Apple to buy fingerprint sensor maker AuthenTec for $356 mn
  11. M &A - Identification : Cross Match acquired by Francisco Partners for 154Million$