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  1. STMicro Introduces World's First Customizable - Wireless Battery Charger
  2. IDT Introduces ‘Wireless PowerShare’ Technology, Enabling Mobile Devices to Wirelessl
  3. MediaTek Multi-Mode Wireless Charging Chipset Enters Mass Production
  4. Allegro Microsystems, LLC Announces a New High Current Synchronous Buck Regulator wit
  5. Micrel Introduces Full Featured, High Performance Digital PWM Controller for High Cur
  6. Toshiba Expands Package Line-up of High Current Stepping Motor Driver ICs
  7. Park Systems Unveils New Park XE15: Powerfully Versatile Atomic Force...
  8. ISF Pr Rel - Power - IGBT - IXYS Releases High-Speed Hard-Switching 650V XPT™ IGBTs
  9. IXYS Releases High-Speed Hard-Switching 650V XPT™ IGBTs
  10. Allegro Microsystems, LLC Announces New Single LNB Supply and Control Voltage Regulat
  11. ISF Pr Rel - Power Vishay 5 A Synchronous Buck Regulator Offers Switching Frequencie
  12. IXYS Introduces the DVRFD630 and DVRFD631 RF MOSFET Gate Driver Development Boards
  13. Analog Devices Unveils Wide-Dynamic-Range, Highly Accurate RF Power Detectors
  14. Thirty-Two Channel High Voltage Analog Switch From Supertex Delivers Enhanced Image Q
  15. Toshiba Launches Small Sized 1-Channel High-Side Switch IPD for Automotive Applicatio
  16. Fairchild Semiconductor's 1200 V Field Stop Trench IGBTs Provide Faster Switching Per
  17. Next-generation power factor correction controller improves energy efficiency
  18. Supertex Continues Support for MEMS and Other High Voltage Markets With Release of a
  19. Axcelis Introduces Next Generation Purion H(TM) High Current Implanter
  20. Toshiba Launches Stepping Motor Driver IC with Serial Interface
  21. Quad Channel Cross-Point Analog Transmit/Receive Switch From Supertex Offers Design F
  22. Power Integrations Adds High-Line Parts to LYTSwitch-4 LED-Driver IC Family
  23. IR Introduces IR3891 and IR3892 Dual Output SupIRBuck Voltage Regulators for Space-Co
  24. Fairchild Semiconductor’s Integrated Smart Power Stage (SPS) Module Provides Higher P
  25. Dialog Semiconductor Introduces New smarteXite Technology Platform for Intelligent Le
  26. New High-Speed, IGBT-Based H-bridge Module Built to Boost Performance
  27. TI introduces industry's first analog DC/DC controller with dynamic temperature-compe
  28. TI introduces industry's first analog DC/DC controller with dynamic temperature-compe
  29. AVACO Unveils Enhanced Energy Conversion Efficiency Through Innovative Buffer Layer U
  30. IXYS ICD Introduces a 5Amp, 500Volt Optically Isolated Power Solid State Relay in the
  31. IR Introduces LSO Series of Feature-Rich Radiation Hardened Low-Voltage DC-DC Convert
  32. Allegro MicroSystems, LLC Announces New DC-DC Converter Module Series
  33. Microsemi's New 650V Silicon Carbide Schottky Solution Improves System Performance in
  34. Toshiba Expands Line-Up of Power MOSFETs for Base Stations and Servers
  35. Toshiba Introduces Motor Driver IC Realizing Zero Current[1] in Standby Mode
  36. ISF-Pro-Release - Power :iW3606, iW3608 iWatt Single-Stage SSL LED Drivers
  37. Cree’s New Power Module Enables Higher Performance, More Reliable and Lower Cost Powe
  38. IR’s 40V Automotive-Qualified COOLiRFET™ Deliver Benchmark On-State Resistance for Im
  39. ON Semiconductor Introduces Industry Leading, Best in Class System Level Performance
  40. TI introduces industry-leading ultra-low noise, high PSRR linear voltage regulators
  41. IR's 40V Automotive-qualified COOLiRFET Deliver Benchmark On-State Resistance for Imp
  42. New IGBT-Driver Cores From CONCEPT Target 10 to 75 kVA Inverters and Servo Drives
  43. Fairchild Semiconductor’s High-Speed Logic Gate Optocoupler Meets Higher Isolation Re
  44. Silicon Labs Digital Isolation Solution Enhances Long-Term Reliability of Motor Contr
  45. Texas Instruments Introduces Workplace EV Charging with Blink Charging Stations
  46. Allegro MicroSystems, LLC Introduces Automotive Grade, 3.3 V Supply Voltage, Factory-
  47. Fairchild Semiconductor’s Automotive 3-Phase Variable Speed Inverter Power Module Ena
  48. STMicroelectronics Extends High-Efficiency Power Family Using New Energy-Saving Packa
  49. IXYS Integrated Circuits Division Offers 3 New Low Cost 1.5A Gate Drivers
  50. IDT Announces Industry’s First Power Management Solution With Innovative Patented Dis
  51. Toshiba Launches Driver IC for Small Fan Motors
  52. Toshiba Launches Sine-wave Brushless Motor Driver IC
  53. Renesas Electronics to Release Intelligent Power Device for IGBT Drive with Micro-Iso
  54. Vishay Intertechnology Releases New Slew-Rate-Controlled P-Channel High-Side Load Swi
  55. Toshiba Launches Reinforced Insulation Triac-output Photocouplers
  56. Supertex Announces a New High Voltage MEMS Driver and Its Strategy of Expanding Focus
  57. Fairchild Semiconductor’s Integrated Low-Side Gate Driver Incorporates 3.3-V Low Drop
  58. Toshiba Launches Sub-Power Management IC for Mobile Products
  59. New Vishay Siliconix 150 V N-Channel TrenchFET(R) Power MOSFET With ThunderFET(R) Tec
  60. Panasonic Launches 100 THOUSAND SOLAR LANTERN PROJECT
  61. iWatt PrimAccurate™ Power Adapter Chipsets Achieve Fast Standby Recovery with Ultra-L
  62. Toshiba Launches 600V System Super Junction MOSFET DTMOSIV High-Speed Diode Series
  63. IXYS Introduces the Smallest Footprint Surface Mount Package for 1.2KV to 1.8KV Power
  64. TI introduces 10-A SWIFT(TM) DC/DC converter with highest current density
  65. Touchstone Semiconductor Introduces Four New, 1.55V to 5V, 1.9µA...
  66. Eight-Channel Programmable High Voltage Ultrasound Transmit Beamformer From Supertex
  67. IXYS Colorado Introduces the PDG-2500 Handheld +5V Digital Pulse Generator
  68. Mitsubishi Electric Delivers World's First SiC Auxiliary Power Supply Systems for Rai
  69. Texas Instruments 4.5-A Li-Ion battery chargers deliver faster, cooler charging
  70. TI introduces industry's first reconfigurable DC arc detect reference solution
  71. IR’s High Current IR3847 Gen3 SupIRBuck® Delivers Superior Performance, Dramatically
  72. TI introduces industry's first reconfigurable DC arc detect reference solution
  73. IR's High Current IR3847 Gen3 SupIRBuck Delivers Superior Performance, Dramatically R
  74. TI introduces industry-leading High-Performance Interleaved Power Factor Correction (
  75. TI introduces industry-leading High-Performance Interleaved Power Factor Correction (
  76. Infineon Introduces 650V Rapid 1 and Rapid 2 Families, Entering the Market for High V
  77. Intersil's Newest PowerNavigator Provides Single Platform for All PMBus-Enabled Power
  78. Microsemi Adds Multiple New Devices to Non-Punch Through (NPT) IGBT Product Family
  79. Cree Announces Volume Production of Second Generation SiC MOSFET Bringing Significant
  80. Toshiba Expands Line-up of CMOS-LDO Regulator ICs for Mobile Devices
  81. Micrel Introduces Industry's First Triple 2Amp-per-Output Synchronous Buck Regulator
  82. MagnaChip Introduces a Step-Down DC/DC Converter for Smartphone Power Amplifier Appli
  83. IXYS Introduces Fast and Efficient 650V XPT™ Trench IGBTs
  84. TI introduces industry's first 48-V constant on-time synchronous step-down converter
  85. ON Semiconductor Introduces Low Power, High Efficiency DC-DC Converter Optimized for
  86. New Micrel Family of Integrated FET DC-to-DC Buck Converters Provides Highest Perform
  87. Texas Instruments to speed wireless power adoption with multi-mode power circuits
  88. New Battery "Fuel Gauge" IC From STMicroelectronics Gives Reliable Runtimes for Mobil
  89. IXYS Introduces 1.2KV Converter-Brake-Inverter Module with XPT IGBT and Integrated Ac
  90. Toshiba Launches New IGBT/MOSFET Gate Drive Photocoupler
  91. IR Expands PowIRaudio Family of Integrated Power Modules with the Introduction of 40V
  92. Microsemi Unveils Industry's First 95W Front-end Solution Compliant with Power-over-H
  93. ST’s Ultra Low-Power Comparators Enhance Portable Technology for Healthcare, Safety,
  94. Ultra Low-Power Devices From STMicroelectronics Enhance Portable Technology for Healt
  95. DC/DC Converter from Diodes Incorporated Boosts Light Load Efficiency
  96. IR's Three-Phase IR3230SPbF Gate Drive IC Simplifies eBike Design
  97. Fairchild Semiconductor's High-Voltage MOSFETs Provide Industry-Leading Robust Body D
  98. ON Semiconductor’s New Power Management ICs Provide Multi-Channel Operation and Low Q
  99. Lowest-power, bidirectional I2C isolators extend industrial isolation lifetime
  100. ON Semiconductor Expands Constant Current Regulator Offering for Solid State Lighting
  101. Fairchild Semiconductor’s 40V PowerTrench® MOSFET Provides Improved Power Control and
  102. Fairchild Semiconductor's 40V PowerTrench MOSFET Provides Improved Power Control and
  103. IR Introduces StrongIRFET™ Power MOSFET Family for Industrial Applications Requiring
  104. Renesas Electronics Introduces the RAA20770X Series Fast-Response Point of Load Conve
  105. IR Introduces StrongIRFET Power MOSFET Family for Industrial Applications Requiring U
  106. Fairchild Semiconductor’s High- and Low-Side SR Controller Provides Design Flexibilit
  107. TI introduces 3.5-A SWIFT™ buck regulators with tightest reference accuracy
  108. IR’s Ultrabook™ Vcore Power Management Solution Named a 2012 Hot 100 Product by EDN M
  109. ISF -PR -Power -Fairchild Semi Silicon Carbide (SiC) Solutions
  110. ISF -PR - Power - ON Semiconductor Introduces Active Spread Spectrum Clock Generator
  111. ISF-PR - Power -Fairchild Semi Silicon Carbide (SiC) Solutions
  112. Vicor Corporation Introduces Higher-Density Picor Cool-Power ZVS Buck Regulators With
  113. Vicor Corporation Introduces High Density AC-DC Front-End Power Module
  114. IR's Gen8 1200V IGBT Technology Platform Delivers Benchmark Efficiency and Ruggedness
  115. Infineon Redefines Best-in-Class IGBT Performance With 650V TRENCHSTOP™ 5; Switching
  116. TI unveils adapter power controller with lowest standby power
  117. ON Semiconductor Expands Its Extensive Portfolio of High Performance Industrial IC Of
  118. ON Semiconductor Drives Power Efficiency and Protection in Portable and Consumer Elec
  119. Dialog Semiconductor Announces Most Powerful Integrated Power Management IC for ARM®
  120. Linear Technology's Dual Hot Swap Controller with Flexible Current Limit
  121. ISF -DC/DC -Allegro Introduces New Offline PWM Switching Regulator IC Family
  122. ISF DC/DC -ON Semi Introduces a New Integ DC-DC Converter for Graphic and Core Pro
  123. Cree Releases New Generation 50V GaN HEMT Technology to Significantly Reduce Cellular
  124. ON Semiconductor Expands its High Performance Trench Field Stop IGBT Portfolio for Mo
  125. ON Semiconductor Introduces Low Power Auto Focus Control IC for Smartphone Camera Mod
  126. Cree RF GaN Transistors and Array Wireless’ Linear Power Amplifiers Enable Crystal Cl
  127. IR Introduces Reliable AUIR3320S Intelligent Power Switch Optimized for Automotive PT
  128. IR Introduces Reliable AUIR3320S Intelligent Power Switch Optimized for Automotive PT
  129. Keithley Introduces Dual-Channel Picoammeter/Voltage Source with Ultra-Low Current Re
  130. Fairchild Semiconductor’s New Smart Gate Driver Optocoupler Provides Designers Isolat
  131. IR Expands Family of IGBTs with 600V Trench Ultrafast IRGR4045DPBFand IRGS4045DPBF fo
  132. ISF -PR -Power - Maxim Introduce MAX 3711
  133. ISF- PR - Power Integrations Launches TinySwitch™-4 Off-Line Switcher IC Family
  134. ISF- PR - Power - POE - TI controllers deliver Power over Ethernet more efficiently
  135. ISF-PR - Power - Silicon Labs Obsoletes Optocouplers with Drop-in Digital Isolators
  136. ISF- PR - PowTI introduces smallest 2.5-A power module with 65-V transient protection
  137. ISF- PR - Power - PMM - Development of Multi-Channel Power Management Module M
  138. ISF- PR - LDO - Toshiba Debuts New Series of CMOS-LDO Regulators for Mobile Devices
  139. ISF- PR - Power - DC -MP of DC-DC converter for high-voltage direct current power
  140. ISF - PR - Power -NXP Delivers Automotive Qualified Dual Power-S
  141. ISF-PR -Power - IXYS Highest Power IGBT Module for Energy Efficient Power Conversion
  142. ISF- PR - Power -TI introduces first 5-V, Qi-compliant wireless power transmitter
  143. ISF- PR - Power - Allegro Announces New Full Bridge Low Voltage DC Motor Driver IC
  144. ISF- PR -Power TI's PMBus™ server power mgmt & protection IC delivers accurate power
  145. ISF- PR -Power -ON Semi Introduces Next Gen High Frequency SEPIC/Boost Controller
  146. ISF- PR - Power -VESA Improves Mobile Device Battery Life & Display Performance
  147. ISF- PR - Power STMicro Reveals Advanced Power MOSFET , Tackle Emerging Eco-Design
  148. IR Introduces Robust AUIRS20302S 3-Phase Gate Drive IC for Automotive Applications
  149. ISF- PR- Power - Toshiba Launches New Lineup of MOSFETs and Diodes for Wireless Power
  150. Microsemi Expands NPT IGBT Product Family
  151. ISF-PR -Philips' new high-voltage LED line delivers a 27 % increase in lumens/ watt
  152. ISF -PR -Power IR 600V IGBTs Deliver Higher Power Density & Increased Efficiency
  153. ISF- PR - Power - Cree Introduces 150-mm 4HN Silicon Carbide Epitaxial Wafers
  154. ISF -PR -Power - IRs 600V IGBTs Deliver Higher Power Density & Increased Efficiency
  155. ISF -PR -Power Linear Tech High Voltage, Micropower Isolated Monolithic Flyback Regul
  156. ISF-PR - Power - AC -DC - iWatt Raises the Bar with Third-Generation SSL LED Drivers
  157. ISF- PR- Power -DC -DC - TI LDO linear voltage regulator with industry's lowest noise
  158. Linear Technology's High Efficiency PoE++ PD Controllers Provide up to 90W Delivered
  159. Fairchild Semiconductor’s High-Frequency PSR PWM Controller Exceeds USB Charger Stand
  160. TI strengthens current shunt monitor portfolio with four industry-leading devices
  161. ISF- PR- Wire- Broadcom - Intro New Server Network Virtua Acceleration Tech for VXL
  162. ISF- PR-Power - DC-DC - ON Semi Introduces Fully Integrated Li-Ion Battery Charger
  163. ISF - PR - Wire -Emulex Provides In-Box 16G Fibre Channel Solution for VMware vSphere
  164. ISF-Product Release -Power-IR Introduces Two Complete Ultrabook™ Vcore Solutions
  165. ISF- Product Release -TI introduces the first fully integrated 1.8-V and 3.3-V, seven
  166. ISF-Product Release - Fairchild Semiconductor’s 20V Single P-Channel PowerTrench® MOS
  167. IR Introduces Automotive Power MOSFETs Optimized for Piezo Injection Systems for Gaso
  168. IR Introduces Automotive Power MOSFETs Optimized for Piezo Injection Systems for Gaso
  169. iWatt Announces AccuSwitch™ Easy–to-Use, Accurate, 800V Primary-Side Switcher for AC/
  170. IR's Automotive-Qualified 600V Trench IGBT In D2Pak Deliver High Power Density in Hyb
  171. Linear Technology's 60V Battery Charging Controller Power Manager Features Input MPP
  172. Linear Technology's Low Vin Capable 5A DC/DC Converter Generates +ve or -ve Regulated
  173. Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. Introduces a New Full-Bridge DMOS PWM Motor Driver IC
  174. ON Semiconductor Introduces High Speed Bus Transceiver for Reliable Automotive Networ
  175. ON Semiconductor Introduces High-Speed Bus Transceiver for Reliable Automotive Networ
  176. TI adapter power chips conserve energy, speed adoption of universal charging
  177. New Bimorph Piezo Benders are Cofired, Run on Lower Voltage
  178. RTX Wi-Fi Modules and Test Equipment for DECT, VoIP and Wi-Fi Designs Available at Sy
  179. Intersil’s new low-voltage LDO linear regulators deliver industry’s lowest dropout vo
  180. Intersil's New Low Voltage LDO Linear Regulators Deliver Industry's Lowest Dropout Vo
  181. TI introduces industry's smallest 1.8-A brushed DC motor driver for battery powered a
  182. ON Semiconductor Introduces High Performance Field Stop IGBTs for High Efficiency Pow
  183. ISF- PR - Power - LinkSwitch-HP Family
  184. Linear Technology's 20V, 2.5A (Iout) Synchronous Step-Down Regulato
  185. IR’s Automotive-Qualified 600V Trench IGBTs in D2Pak Deliver High Power Density in Hy
  186. TI introduces ultra-small boost power module for smartphones and tablets
  187. Renesas Electronics 7th-Generation 650V and 1250V IGBT Series Sets a New Technology B
  188. Linear Technology's 40Vin, Quad 1A (Iout) Step-Down Switching Regulato
  189. ON Semiconductor to Showcase Energy Efficient Solutions at the
  190. ADI AD8210: High Voltage, Bidirectional Current Shunt Monito
  191. ADI ADXL343:3-Axis, ±2 g/±4 g/±8 g/±16 g Digital Acceleromete
  192. TI introduces first multi-cell, multi-chemistry battery gas gauge for lithium batteri
  193. IR Introduces Third Generation, Highly Integrated, Feature-Rich SupIRBuck® Point-Of-L
  194. IR Introduces Third Generation, Highly Integrated, Feature-Rich SupIRBuck Point-Of-Lo
  195. International Rectifier to Showcase Latest Power Management Solutions at TECHNO-FRONT
  196. ON Semiconductor Introduces Power Line Carrier Modem SoC for Rapid Growth Smart Meter
  197. NXP Releases Smallest, Toughest Power MOSFETs
  198. IR Introduces Family of Rugged, Reliable Automotive-Qualified Power MOSFETs Housed in
  199. IR Introduces Family of Rugged, Reliable Automotive-Qualified Power MOSFETs Housed in
  200. Vishay Intertechnology Launches New Non-Zero Crossing Phototriac Optocouplers in Comp
  201. Intersil's Green Hybrid Digital, Dual PWM Controller Delivers Optimal Intel(R) VR12 S
  202. ADI AD8436: Low Cost, Low Power, True RMS-to-DC Converte
  203. ADI AD8215: High Voltage, Current Shunt Monito
  204. Linear Technology's 65V, 500mA Synchronous Buck Converte
  205. Intersil's Radiation Hardened 12A Synchronous Buck Regulator Features Industry's High
  206. ADI ADP2126: Ultralow Profile* 500 mA* 6 MHz* Synchronous* Step-Down* DC-to-DC* BUM
  207. NXP Supports the Automotive Industry Move to 48V On-Board Suppl
  208. Linear Technology's 42V* 2.5A (Iout)* 2.2MHz Synchronous Step-Down DC/DC Converte
  209. IR’s Compact PowIRaudio™ Modules Reduce Component Count* Shrink PCB Size up to 70 Per
  210. IR's Compact PowIRaudio Modules Reduce Component Count* Shrink PCB Size up to 70 Perc
  211. Linear Technology's 30MHz-1.4GHz Wideband I/Q Demodulato
  212. TI Off-Line Primary Side Sensing Controller with PF
  213. RFaxis Delivers Industry's First Pure-CMOS Dual-Mode Wi-Fi/Bluetooth RFeIC Specifical
  214. IR Introduces Ultra-fast Switching* Rugged 600V High Frequency IGBTs for Automotive P
  215. IR Introduces Ultra-fast Switching* Rugged 600V High Frequency IGBTs for Automotive P
  216. Linear Technology's 36Vin* 600mA µModule Step-Down Regulator Consumes only 5µA Quiesc
  217. Infineon’s 650V CoolMOS™ CFDA for Automotive Application
  218. ON Semiconductor Introduces High Performance Field Stop IGBTs for High Efficiency Pow
  219. IR’s µIPM™ Power Modules Deliver up to 60% Smaller Footprint* High Efficiency* Cost E
  220. Isolated Half-bridge Gate Drivers with Analog Devices’ iCoupler® Digital Isolator Tec
  221. Next-Generation TrenchFET(R) Gen IV 30 V N-Channel Power MOSFETs Feature On-Resistanc
  222. ON Semiconductor Offers Intelligent Power Modules by Combining Its Power Expertise an
  223. IR Introduces Automotive Qualified AUIRS2334SPbF 600V IC for 3-Phase Inverterized Mot
  224. IR Introduces Automotive Qualified AUIRS2334SPbF 600V IC for 3-Phase Inverterized Mot
  225. Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. Announces New Multiple-Output Regulator for Automotive LCD
  226. Next-Generation 400 V, 500 V, and 600 V Vishay Siliconix N-Channel Power MOSFETs Offe
  227. Voltage References Combine Ultra-low Noise, High Accuracy and Value for Precision App
  228. ON Semiconductor Introduces Integrated Switching Buck Regulators with Industry Leadin
  229. Voltage Protection Switch From Supertex Prevents Component Damage to Solenoid Valve C
  230. IR’s Family of TSOP-6 HEXFET® MOSFETs Offer Cost-Effective, Flexible Solution for Low
  231. IR Introduces AUIRGDC0250 1200V Soft Switching IGBT for Hybrid and Electric Vehicle A
  232. IR's Family of TSOP-6 HEXFET MOSFETs Offer Cost-Effective, Flexible Solution for Low
  233. Intersil Releases Industry's Most Flexible Op Amp Design Tools
  234. IROC to Introduce TFIT™ 2 at IRPS 2012 to Allow IC Designers to Analyze and Prevent S
  235. IROC to Introduce SOCFIT® 3 at IRPS 2012: Allows Circuit Level Soft Error Analysis an
  236. TI steps it up with ultra-efficient, low-voltage motor drivers for battery-powered ap
  237. Renesas Electronics Introduces Low-Loss, Ultra Miniature Power MOSFETs for Improved P
  238. ISF- PR -PowMaxim's Beyond-the-Rails Mux and Switch Family Simplifies Power-Supply Re
  239. ISF- PR - Power Industry's Smallest 3/8/12/18A DC-DC Regulators
  240. ISF- PR - Power - 12V/24V 100 W Fly back DC- DC fpr LCD TV & LED Back light
  241. TI unveils integrated power controller for automotive applications
  242. ON Semiconductor Supports Next Generation High-Speed Interfaces with Low Quiescent Cu
  243. ON Semiconductor Introduces High Efficiency Wireless Charging ICs
  244. IR Launches AUIR3240S Boost Converter for Stop-Start function, For Automotive app
  245. ON Semiconductor Introduces High Efficiency Wireless Charging ICs
  246. TI introduces RF DC/DC switching converters for 2G, 3G and 4G power amplifiers
  247. IR's Compact AUIR0815S Automotive-qualified Gate Drive IC Shrinks and Simplifies Powe
  248. IR's Energy-Efficient IRS2548D and DirectFETplus Power MOSFETS Win Top Industry Award
  249. IR's True Digital Power Solution Features on All New 3-Way Digital GIGABYTE 3D Power
  250. IR's Versatile Family of CHiL Digital PWM Controllers Delivers Smallest Footprint