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  1. ISF Reference Design :QorIQ Qonverge BSC9131 Reference Design Board Kit
  2. Atmel | BLDC Motor Control with ATA6843 and ATA6844
  3. CK | PWR Series Momentary Pushbutton Switch Delivers 250V Line Power Directly as a Ma
  4. Bourns | Current Limiting Power Resistors for High-Power LED Module Lighting Applicat
  5. ADI | How to Successfully Apply Low-Dropout Regulators
  6. ADI | Efficient FSK/PSK Modulator Uses Multichannel DDS to Switch at Zero Crossings
  7. Bourns | Revised Standards Provide Design Options for Primary and Secondary Protectio
  8. CK | Develops Vertical and Right Angle Illuminated Tactile Switches
  9. ISF- Reference Designs-Exar | Designing Today for Tomorrow’s Power Management Require
  10. ISF- Reference Designs-Atmel | Four Steps to Selecting a Temperature Sensing Solution
  11. ISF- Reference Designs- ADI | A Robust, Low Power, Battery Monitoring Circuit Front E
  12. Freescale | How to Convert 3 Axis Directions and Swap X
  13. Bourns | Enhancing the Operational Reliability of Material Handling Equipment By Usin
  14. ADI | Simple Ambient Light Sensor Circui
  15. Fairchild - Highly efficient and reliable power supply for LED street lightin
  16. Bourns® - Integrating Resistive Products to Control Current and Protect LED Lightin
  17. ADI - Activate Cell Phone Indicator LEDs While Preserving Standby Tim
  18. ADI - Innovative Energy ICs Solutions Bulleti
  19. Bourns - Monitoring and Protecting Smart Meter Circuitry and Communication
  20. Fairchild - Innovative brushless DC motor design for energy-efficient motion control
  21. Fairchild - An Effective and Efficient RF Power Management Solution Mobile Device
  22. Cypress - Designing Reliable Touch Interfaces for White Good
  23. ADI - HDMI Transceivers Simplify the Design of Home Theater System