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  14. NFC Forum issues first healthcare specification
  15. NFC Forum Issues First Health Care Technical Specification And Two Candidate Technica
  16. New Forum Specification Aims to Increase Use of NFC-Enabled Health-Monitoring Devices
  17. Evans Data: 45% of developers to support NFC
  18. NFC Forum Issues First Health Care Technical Specification and Two Candidate Technica
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  25. Verizon Wireless and Discover Financial Services Join the NFC Forum as Principal Memb
  26. Verizon, Discover Financial Services join NFC Forum
  27. Verizon and Discover join the NFC Forum
  28. Verizon Wireless joins the NFC Forum
  29. Verizon Wireless and Discover Financial Services Join the NFC Forum as Principal Memb
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  39. Has Near Field Communication Come of Age?
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  56. NFC Forum Launches Special Interest Groups to Support NFC Market Implementations
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  72. NFC Forum unveils standardized interface specification
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  74. NFC Forum issues new NFC Controller interface specification
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