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  1. ISF- WP : Why Google search engines fail to understand need of Electonics industry
  2. IoT White Paper: A New Agenda Item for Enterprise
  3. ISF-Whitepaper : Bluetooth & Zigbee a new standard war after BT announce Mesh
  4. ISF-Whitepapers : Cellular State of the Union - Etherios white paper
  5. White Paper: Addressing Next-Generation Memory Requirements Using Altera FPGAs and HM
  6. White Paper: A Significant Technology Advancement in High-Speed Link Modeling and Si
  7. White Paper: System Design with Advance FPGA Timing Models
  9. White Paper: "A Safety Methodology for ADAS Designs in FPGAs"
  10. White Paper: " 8 Reasons to Use FPGAs in IEC 61508 Functional Safety Applications"
  11. White Paper: "Advantages of Using FPGAs in Precision Inverter Modules"
  12. White Paper: "User-Customizable ARM-Based SoCs for Next-Generation Embedded Systems"
  13. White Paper: "Architecture Matters: Choosing the Right SoC FPGA for Your Application"
  14. ISF-Whitepaper :Zigbee Retail services ,Delivering Nex Gen shopping Experience
  15. ISF-White paper : Streamlining the Indispensable FOTA in m2m Applications
  16. White Paper: "Expect a Breakthrough Advantage in Next-Generation FPGAs"
  17. White Paper: "Meeting the Performance and Power Imperative of the Zettabyte Era with
  18. ISF- White Paper : Scalable Long-Term Cellular Strategy for 2G, 3G, 4G Tech -SW
  19. White Paper: "Low-Cost Implementation of High-Performance PCIe Gen2 Hard IP"
  20. White Paper: "Achieving SerDes Interoperability on Altera’s 28 nm FPGAs Using Introsp
  21. The potential and pitfalls of the Internet of Things (white paper)
  22. ISF-Whitepapers:Aldec's most-viewed Verification White Papers.
  23. ISF- White paper : New Methodology Needed for 20nm Custom/Analog IC Design
  24. ISF -White paper Silicon Labs - Si7005 Relative Humidity Temp Sensor Digital IC
  25. White Paper - Honeywell Choosing the right pressure sensor – a guide for designers an
  26. White Paper - STMicroelectronics Remote Patient Monitoring: Reshaping 21st Century H
  27. ISF -White Paper - Atmel
  28. ISF- White Paper - STMicroelectronics -Medical Device Interoperability: An Embedded S
  29. ISF - White Paper - STMicroelectronics -The Healthcare Problem
  30. ISF - White Paper - STMicroelectronics -Towards the 21st Century Stethoscope
  31. Whitepaper: Connecting Specman e Language to SystemC TLM Models
  32. White Paper - Powercast Corporation-Wireless-sensor networks' operating power arrives
  33. LTE and M2M: Converging Paths- White paper- Sierra Wireless
  34. White Paper - TT Electronics Innovative Medical Device Companies
  35. White Paper - AVX
  36. White Paper - AVX Improved ESR on MnO2 Tantalum Capacitors at Wide Voltage Range
  37. White Paper - TE Connectivity Enabling High-Speed Data Rates in Connectors for Aerosp
  38. White Paper - AVX
  39. White Paper - Molex Electronics Manufacturers Can Lead the Transition to a Green Econ
  40. White Paper - TE Connectivity Solder Volumes for Through-Hole Reflow-Compatible Conne
  41. White Paper - TE Connectivity Applying MAG-MATE IDC Thechnology to Aluminum Magnet Wi
  42. White Paper - Crydom Total Cost of Ownership Using Solid State Relays
  43. White Paper - KEMET
  44. White Paper - Molex
  45. White Paper - AVX
  46. White Paper - TE Connectivity
  47. White Paper - KEMET
  48. White Paper - TE Connectivity Connectors 101: What Lighting Designers Need to Know
  49. White Paper - AVX DC/DC Converter Output Capacitor Benchmark
  50. White Paper - AVX Thin Film Filter Design and Technology
  51. White Paper - Molex Computer Systems for Military and Aerospace Environments
  52. White Paper - KEMET- Application Considerations for High Voltage BME Multi-Layer Cera
  53. White Paper - TE Connectivity -Advances in High Density Optical Interconnects
  54. White Paper - TE Connectivity -The Effects of Moisture and Temperature
  55. White Paper - Molex -25GBPS: Is Your System Ready?
  56. White Paper - Molex -Medical Switch Technology
  57. White Paper - AVX - Increased Voltage Capability of Tantalum Polymer Capacitors
  58. White Paper - Molex- Going Green with Solar Power: The Role of Advanced Electronics
  59. White Paper - Molex Demand for Intelligent Medical Devices is Surging
  60. White Paper - Synapse Wireless Synapse's SNAP Network Operating System
  61. White Paper - AVX Voltage Derating Rules for Solid Tantalum and Niobium Capacitors
  62. White Paper - AVX -Improving Signal to Noise Rations in Defense Electronics
  63. White Paper - AVX High Temperature MLVs and Low Capacitance MLVs
  64. White Paper - Murata
  65. White Paper - AVX- How to Improve Battery Life in Low Power Electronics
  66. White Paper - Intel -Architecturing Tomorrow's Electrical Grid
  67. White Paper - Intel -Wind Turbine Availability Excellence
  68. White Paper - Intel Computing Technologies for the Smart Grid
  69. White Paper - TE Connectivity
  70. White Paper - TE Connectivity
  71. White Paper - TE Connectivity Connectors: Addressing Interconnect Design Challenges
  72. White Paper - Bourns Motor Drive-based Systems- Circuit Protection
  73. White Paper - International Rectifier
  74. White Paper - International Rectifier
  75. White Paper - International Rectifier Simple, Efficient, High-Brightness-LED Control
  76. White Paper - International Rectifier Short Circuit conditions on IGBT
  77. White Paper - International Rectifier From Planar to Trench
  78. White Paper - Texas Instruments
  79. White Paper - Ocular
  80. White Paper: "Transferring High-Speed Data over Long Distances with Combined FPGA and
  81. White Paper: "Reducing Total System Cost with Low-Power 28-nm FPGAs"
  82. White Paper: "Achieving Lowest System Power with Low-Power 28-nm FPGAs"
  83. White Paper: "Designing Polyphase DPD Solutions with 28-nm FPGAs"
  84. Whitepaper: Verification Performance is More Than Raw Simulation Speed
  85. Dead Reckoning for Automotive Applications using Global Positing Systems -u-blox
  86. Creating cloud base stations with TI’s KeyStone multicore architecture-white paper -
  87. 5G Wifi : IEEE 802.11ac—Wi-Fi for the Mobile and Video -White paper
  88. Automotive Driver Assistance Systems: Using the Processing Power of FPGAs XILINX
  89. Electronic Point of Sales - White paper from Texas Instruments
  90. Perceptions of Biometrics in the USA - Ravi Das - Biometrics News net & M2SYS
  91. Sierra Wireless Wireless Communications in SCADA Systems- White paper
  92. White paper - Lighting Calculations in the LED Era - Cree
  93. Measuring RTOS Performance: What? Why? How
  94. Creating a link between patients and health-care professionals- Sierra Wireless
  95. Strategic Considerations for Emerging SoC FPGAs- Altera
  96. The LTE Opportunity Connected Devices Meet LTE- White paper Sierra Wireless
  97. Design considerations when selecting a TI ARM®-based processor for industrial apps
  98. Application Portability for 32-Bit Microcontrollers – Reality or Myth? Microchip
  99. Enhancing Power Supply Rejection Ratio for Low-Jitter Clocks-Silabs -Whitepaper
  100. White Paper: Extensible Processing Platform- Xilinx
  101. Class D Amplifier Design- white paper
  102. 4G And MANET, Wireless Network Of Future Battlefield- White paper
  103. Using Antenna Diversity to Create Highly Robust Radio Links- White paper - Silabs
  104. Designing an RF Remote Control -White Paper from Silicon labs
  105. White paper - Intelligent Energy Management - Comverge -
  106. eCall: overview and design considerations - White paper - Sierra Wireless
  107. Ethernet Driving Down Automotive Cost of Ownership- Micrel
  108. Atheros - Powerline Communications Performance Testing
  109. Sierra Wireless - White paper - Cellular Comminications & future of Smart Metering
  110. Sierra Wireless - White paper - Fleet Management Solutions using Wide area wireless
  111. Silabs : When is Sub-GHz Wireless Right for you?
  112. Silabs :Design of an RF Remote Control Using a Transmitter SoC