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  1. $49 Android Smartwatch platform on Intel/Rockchip RK6321 dual-core ARM Cortex-A5
  2. Aikun Morphus X300, Gaming Tablet on Allwinner A83 with Glasses-free 3D display
  3. Aikun Morphus X300, Gaming Tablet on Allwinner A83 with Glasses-free 3D display
  4. MOTO X Style on Hexacore Snapdragon 808 with 5
  5. LG G4 on Hexacore 64bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 808
  6. MediaTek MT2601 for cheap Android Wear
  7. Marvell Avastar 88W8997 Wi-Fi 11ac wave2 in 28nm for best Wi-Fi performance and Bluet
  8. MediaTek Helio X20 Tri-Cluster 10-core ARMv8 64bit processor
  9. Allwinner R58, octa-core ARM Cortex-A7 at 2Ghz for Android Laptop Convertibles
  10. 2014 predictions from Jeff Orr, ABI Research analyst
  11. Panasonic Wearable 4K Camera
  12. Mentor Graphics ARM Embedded Software demos
  13. faytech 8-22 inch All-In-One Touchscreen PCs
  14. Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute presentation overview
  15. Luke Shield’s Open Source Platform for Development
  16. Calxeda ECX-2000 ARM Cortex-A15 Server Processor
  17. ARM Accredited MCU Engineer (AAME) Training Exam
  18. faytech 7-12 inch Touchscreen Monitor Product Presentation
  19. Bret Taylor presents Quip word processor
  20. I’m video-blogging at LeWeb Paris December 10-12th
  21. Geniatech PT115 Pad TV Tuner, add DVB-T to all Android devices
  22. nCore HPC ARM+DSP Super Computer
  23. Geniatech ATV1800 Enjoy TV Quad Core Box does 4K video on AmLogic M802 Set-top-box on
  24. $50 Merrii Hummingbird Kit Allwinner A20 Development Board
  25. InSignal Samsung Exynos5420 Arndale Octa Board
  26. Jason Calacanis on the meaning of being an entrepreneur in the Silicon Valley
  27. Samsung Wide IO Memory Interface for the faster and lower power ARM Processors of the
  28. Samsung Exynos5420 HMP big.LITTLE demo
  29. Shenzhen Gifts Fair, Elephants, Horses, Everything..
  30. faytech touchscreen factory tour
  31. AAEON CRS-200S-2R 48TB Calxeda ARM Powered Storage Server Board Solution
  32. AAEON CRS-200S-2R 48TB Calxeda ARM Powered Storage Server Board Solution
  33. Airbnb Interview, Joe Gebbia, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Airbnb
  34. LSI Axxia 5500 16-core ARM Cortex-A15
  35. Samsung Galaxy Gear and Samsung Galaxy Note3 launched in the USA
  36. Introduction to Fraunhofer with HP Baumeister
  37. Faze Inn EZIO BT4 Smart Watches and Smart Jewelry
  38. AnswerTo online marketplace for coding questions and answers
  39. Android 4.4 Linaro on Galaxy Nexus
  40. ARM shows the Internet of Things and MBED at ARM Techcon 2013
  41. Calypto high-level synthesis, RTL power optimization and functional verification
  42. Rick Merritt, Silicon Valley Bureau Chief EETimes
  43. Understand ARM big.LITTLE with Brian Jeff, Product Manager, Roadmap
  44. ARM CEO Simon Segars at ARM Techcon 2013
  45. Android 4.4 KitKat release impressions at Linaro Connect 2013
  46. Android 4.4 KitKat release first impressions by Bernhard Rosenkränzer (Linaro Android
  47. Intel to make ARM Processors, firstly 64bit 14nm ARM Cortex-A53 ARMv8 for Altera
  48. HP ARM Server Keynote Address from Martin Fink, CTO and Director, HP Labs at ARM Tech
  49. Gary Atkinson, ARM Director Emerging Technologies
  50. ARM CEO Simon Segars Keynote at ARM Techcon 2013
  51. Forbes: Intel to make ARM 64bit Processors in their Fab!
  52. HP Chromebook 11 unboxing and first boot
  53. Video-blogging in the San Francisco area this week
  54. Alldocube 9.7
  55. Powertech Smart Multi Plug Adapter, Motion Detector, Light Meter and more
  56. My latest Smartphone collection on Android Central Live @ Samsung Developers conferen
  57. Bens cPot, automatic Android Powered cooker system
  58. Embedded - See the latest Cortex-M architecture books at ARM TechCon 2013
  59. SoC Design - ARMv8-R Architecture for Next Generation Automotive
  60. Ningbo Billocean Solar Censor Light
  61. Hedy Android Phones
  62. Appscomm Smartwatches
  63. Hampoo OMAP5 PCB Design House
  64. My father’s funeral – part 1/3
  65. Embedded - Cellular Connected IoT Development Extravaganza Oct 26-31!
  66. Software Enablement - ARMv8-R: A Revolutionary Architecture for Embedded Systems
  67. SoC Design - Software Consolidation with the ARMv8-R Hypervisor
  68. Multimedia - I don't game, so why should I care about GPUs?
  69. SoC Design - ARMv8-R, architecture innovation for embedded systems
  70. Smart Connected Devices - Enterprise Has Arrived at ARM TechCon
  71. Multimedia - Saving System Power with ARM Multimedia IP
  72. Adreamer shows $60 7
  73. Flylinktech Spy Cameras, Sports cameras, Car DVRs, Network Video Phones and more
  74. JLD AmLogic AML8726-MX PCB Design House at the HKTDC Electronics Fair
  75. Fujistu Mapping Service
  76. Shenzhen Newstar $43 3.5
  77. Embedded - Kick start IoT product development at ARM TechCon
  78. Multimedia - Saving System Power with ARM Multimedia IP
  79. SoC Design - How to Measure and Optimize the System Performance of a Smartphone RTL D
  80. Software Enablement - Samsung Chromebook: Linux KVM-on-ARM Cortex Virtualization Ext
  81. Ramos shows their latest Actions, Allwinner, MediaTek and Intel Tablets
  82. Pipo U6 1440×900 7
  83. Chuwi v99x 9.7
  84. Ployer shows $59 7.85
  85. Hank shows Exynos5 PCB, Rockchip RK3188 tablets and more
  86. K-Panda Android Tablets and Set-top-box
  87. K-Panda Android Tablets and Set-top-box
  88. AIHUA Android Tablets
  89. JARTJ UFO Micro, Mini, Grand and WiFi-enabled multi-charging plugs with USB
  90. $65 via8880 10.1
  91. JARTJ UFO Micro, Mini, Grand and WiFi-enabled multi-charging plugs with USB
  92. Ampeq Android Bluetooth Sound Pad integrates 7
  93. AmLogic M802 2Ghz Quad-core ARM Cortex-A9, TSMC 28nm, 8-core Mali-450 GPU, supports 4
  94. Maysun shows $40 MT6572 3.5
  95. Archos Platinum RK3188 range
  96. Some of my best of HKTDC picks on the official HKTDC channel
  97. SoC Design - Why do I need an AMBA 5 CHI Memory Controller?
  98. SoC Design - 5 Things you probably didn’t know about AMBA 5 CHI
  99. Smart Connected Devices - My Tablet Anniversary at ARM TechCon 2013: One Year Without
  100. $102 7.85
  101. Roppongi Hills Mori Tower in Tokyo
  102. End of CEATEC 2013 Tokyo Japan, people exit the exhibition center
  103. Planned Obsolescence and IEEE’s new P1874 standard presented by William Lumpkins of I
  104. Takeshita Dori street in Tokyo Japan, Part 2
  105. Fujitsu Lettuce produced in semiconductor factory clean-room
  106. ARM Events - ARM Embedded Technology Enablement in Academia
  107. Omron Healthcare Sensors, sleep assistant, weight, temperature, etc
  108. Pioneer Booth Tour at CEATEC 2013
  109. Nissan’s Self-driving Car at CEATEC 2013
  110. Mitsubishi Satellites at CEATEC 2013
  111. Sonostar E Ink Smartwatch prototype
  112. Panasonic 4K Booth Tour at CEATEC 2013
  113. Mastor Steadicams and Octa-copter steady Filming Devices
  114. Ginza street in Tokyo Japan
  115. Cambrios ClearOhm keynote at CEATEC 2013 (with Japanese translation)
  116. Sharp IGZO ramping up mass production
  117. Sharp Cleaning Robot
  118. Sharp Electronic Medical Chair
  119. Toshiba Dynabook Kira
  120. Multimedia - Optimized image and video processing with GPU Compute on ARM Mali-T600
  121. Techmeme BS Stories 28.09.13
  122. Unuiga Product Portfolio Planning Presentation
  123. Unuiga RK3188 HDMI Stick Factory Tour
  124. Software Enablement - Transparent Superpages for FreeBSD on ARM
  125. Serafim Tech (iPhone) iOS / Android Virtual Keyboard with Power Bank
  126. SoC Design - Speed-Power Benefits of DDC Transistor Technology Validated in Cortex-M0
  127. Akihabara Tokyo Japan Tour Part 1
  128. Akihabara Tokyo Japan Tour Part 2
  129. Rifda Transparent LCD
  130. Software Enablement - Debugging ARM Linux Android native apps FAST by rewinding & r
  131. Embedded - Raising Standards at Hitex ARM Conference
  132. Embedded - Raising Standards at Hitex ARM Conference
  133. Alcatel One Touch Hero SmartCovers with LED, Wireless Charging and BT Phone
  134. Smart Connected Devices - Login: Securely, Password: 0bs0Lete? – Touch ID
  135. Toshiba Excite Pro and Toshiba Excite Write
  136. Embedded - ARM is excited to be at Oracle's JavaOne
  137. Software Enablement - The LLVM AArch64 backend
  138. ISf semi 2 gad : 3G Tablets using MT6589
  139. Bright Future’s latest Mediatek Smartphones
  140. Archos Childpad
  141. E Ink SmartCover for Alcatel One Touch Hero
  142. Guest Post: changing the concept of hdmi tv dongles
  143. ARM Events - Train-the-Trainer Cortex-M Workshops in Tokyo
  144. Qualcomm Toq Smartwatch uses Mirasol display
  145. Allwinner A23, optimized dual-core ARM Cortex-A7, lower power consumption and lower c
  146. Sony AX1 4K Camorder, records 4K 24p/25p/30p/50p/60p on XQD memory cards in XAVC S co
  147. Latest ZXS ZhiXingSheng Android Tablet Range
  148. $30 Allwinner A13 7
  149. Wexler Android Tablets and Smartphones at IFA 2013
  150. E Ink Carta, Regal wave form, flexible Mobius for Smartwatches, A4-sized e-readers an
  151. Archos 101 XS2 Generation 11
  152. Archos 80/97/101 Platinum Tablets, aluminium case, full IPS, RK3188, 2GB RAM
  153. Archos 50 Oxygen
  154. Lenovo S5000 1280×800 MediaTek MT8125 199€ (MT8389 for 3G 249€ version)
  155. To21 Co Ltd shows CAVIUM CNW6611 Powered Miracast Dongle RTSD5000
  156. ARM Events - Clipper Round the World: Race One London to Brest - Second Place
  157. Software Enablement - ARM Architecture Reference Manual for ARMv8-A (64-bit) publicly
  158. Henry’s Toshiba IFA 2013 Booth Tour
  159. Lenovo Vibe X, MT6589T ultra-slim 1080p Smartphone
  160. Lenovo shows 7 new MediaTek smartphones at IFA 2013
  161. Toshiba W30t 13.3
  162. Embedded - ARM Cortex-R processor. What is it good for?
  163. Smart Connected Devices - The wave of wearables: previous predictions and what’s to c
  164. Cambrios is revolutionizing the touch screen industry, interview with their CMO
  165. Kobo Arc 10 HD Tegra4 Tablet, Kobo Aura HD E Ink e-reader
  166. Shenzhen Tena Rockchip RK3188, RK3066, RK2928 HDMI Stick Factory Packaging Center
  167. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition
  168. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 launch at IFA 2013
  169. Latest AMD A4/A6/A8/A10 APU based laptop demos
  170. Semi 2 gad : lowest costing andorid phone
  171. Shenzhen Tena RK3188 HDMI Stick Factory Tour
  172. Multimedia - ARM’s predictions for the future electronic media & entertainment indust
  173. MediaTek MT6572 is the new low-cost 3G smartphone platform
  174. Highlander Android Tablet Solutions
  175. Semi 2 Gad Samsung galaxy clones based on MT6572 dual core
  176. Topsky Wearable head-mounted video Glasses, soon with WiFi/Android version
  177. 1080p MT6589T 5
  178. Stark P.O.S. (Point of Sale) Android Devices
  179. iNah Tablet Solutions
  180. Vastking Allwinner Based Tablets
  181. Shenzhen Jren Tablets and Ereaders
  182. Qualitek Android Tablets plus Media Players
  183. Embedded - ESC Brazil, bigger and better than ever
  184. MT6577, Alwinner A20, Smart Phones, Ultrabooks from Shenzen KEP Technology
  185. $90 Set-top-box on Amlogic AML8726-MX by Union Professionals Co.Ltd.
  186. Semi 2 Gad : Tablets - Allwinner A31s based 3G tablet
  187. Semi 2 gad :Mediatek MT6589 7.85 android tablet
  188. Article: SoC Design - Time Flies When You’re Having Fun - Big.LITTLE Technology Comin
  189. Multimedia - Benchmarking floating-point precision in mobile GPUs - Part III
  190. Article: Smart Connected Devices - ARM AMD partner on security, promote client to cl
  191. Multimedia - Up close and personal with the latest Mali demos
  192. Luckystar Aoson M739K, $54 7
  193. VG MEDIA Android Tablets
  194. South Digital Laptops and Tablets
  195. Jiushi Android Tablets
  196. Hawell Technology Tablets
  197. Showstone Android Device
  198. Aikun-China shows Allwinner A20 7.85
  199. Wai Yip shows Allwinner A20 Tablet for $51, 3D Glasses for $1.5/$0.35 and more
  200. Netronix shows latest e-readers, i.MX6Lite based E6Q222, Android on E-Ink
  201. Topjoy shows $39 E Ink e-reader on Rockchip 2906, 2818 and some MT8389 MediaTek Table
  202. Noveldigi Android Tablets
  203. SoC Design - Software Optimization: Four real-life Streamline use cases (Part 4)
  204. My-space corpotation (MSC) shows custom Android Cloud, Entertainment, Advertising and
  205. Software Enablement - A balanced approach to Big Data & Supercomputers
  206. SoC Design - Software Optimization: Four real-life Streamline use cases (Part 3)
  207. $68 13.3
  208. I-Consulting Group Cloud Back Up Services
  209. Wasam Telego Best Sonny cheap smartphones
  210. Latest Embedded processing solutions from Freescale Semiconductor Inc.
  211. ARMdevices.net Shenzhen Sourcing Service launched
  212. Acer 1.5 Ghz quad core tablet with Mediatek MTK6589T
  213. Macro Winners Electronics shows $59 Android Game Console, HDMI Sticks, Single chip Ga
  214. OMAP4 Smartwatch solution, System In Package (SiP) (OMAP5 option) integrated with NAN
  215. New video every 8 hours on ARMdevices.net, forever
  216. Multimedia - Killing Pixels - A New Optimization for Shading on ARM Mali GPUs
  217. SoC Design - Software Optimization: Four real-life Streamline use cases (Part 2)
  218. SoC Design - Mediatek MT8135 SoC - Heterogeneous big.LITTLE Processing for Mainstream
  219. Multimedia - From Advanced Graphics to Casual Gaming in the Cali Summer - Mali Everyw
  220. ARM Events - ARM big.LITTLE - Meet the Experts (Google+ Hangout)
  221. SoC Design - Walking in the Desert or Drinking from a Fire Hose? HW/SW Verification
  222. Software Enablement - Hunting Down Performance Bottlenecks
  223. Multimedia - Back from SIGGRAPH 2013 - Mali Rocks
  224. SoC Design - Software Optimization: Four real-life Streamline use cases (Part 1)
  225. DBX Electrical shows $40 7
  226. Multimedia - Addressing the challenges in bringing dedicated HEVC hardware to market
  227. Embedded - ARM Powered Amantys Power Insight delivers the perfect demo
  228. ARM Google+ Hangout On Air on August 1st at 11am ET (4pm UK, 10am CT, 8am PT)
  229. Embedded - Creating ARM-based Designs at the Speed of the Internet of Things
  230. ARM Processors to Run at 3GHz by next year
  231. MediaTek MT6592 octa-core processor announced
  232. Embedded - Internet of Things to become a reality at ARM Headquarters
  233. Embedded - Preparing Today’s Students for Tomorrow’s Technology: Uni Program at ASEE
  234. Samsung Exynos 5420 Octa announced, Quad-core ARM Cortec-A15 and ARM Cortex-A7 big.LI
  235. Motorola X8 ARM SoC released, modified MSM8960 Pro with Adreno 320 with new always-on
  236. Multimedia - Students Rise to the Challenge at Brains Eden Gaming Festival
  237. Smart Connected Devices - Oracle Java SE optimizing further for ARM in Enterprise
  238. Multimedia - Transforming your mobile and TV experience with GPU Compute
  239. Software Enablement - Using Ne10 on Android and iOS
  240. ARM Events - Shared Purpose in Collaborative Business Ecosystems – Google+ Hangout
  241. ISF Embedded -Rockchip launches multi-window Android user interface
  242. SoC Design - ARM Versatile Express Cortex-A57 Soft Macrocell Model
  243. Multimedia - On the road to SIGGRAPH 2013
  244. Rockchip H.265 and WebM VP9 video decoding on RK3188
  245. Software Enablement - UEFI 2.4 Specification Release includes ARMv8 AArch64 (64-bit I
  246. Software Enablement - Getting Started with VIXL
  247. SoC Design - How surviving the pre-AAE exam anxiety helped me write a book
  248. SoC Design - There is only one way to prepare for the AAE exam… your own way!
  249. Embedded - The Atmel SAM D20 family - The inside story
  250. SoC Design - There is only way one way to prepare for the AAE exam… your own way!