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  1. First Zhaga certification for Book 4 luminaires
  2. Book 5 certification now available from Zhaga
  3. Zhaga publishes Book 7 and Book 8
  4. Zhaga aims to create new Books and an industry standard
  5. Zhaga Books update: certification and new versions
  6. New UL safety standards relate to socketable Zhaga LLEs
  7. Zhaga to participate in Korea LED forum
  8. Zhaga forms liaison with Taiwan LED Lighting Industry Association (TLLIA)
  9. Zhaga forms liaison with Taiwan Lighting Fixture Export Association (TLFEA)
  10. Zhaga forms liaison with Taiwan LED Lighting Industry Association
  11. Zhaga welcomes China’s LED and lighting industry to open meeting
  12. Zhaga unveils video demonstrating interchangeability
  13. First products certified according to Books 4, 7 and 8
  14. Zhaga starts certification for Books 4, 7 and 8
  15. Zhaga to present seminar during LEDth Summit at GILE 2013
  16. Global Lighting Association and Zhaga sign liaison agreement
  17. LED workshop focuses on Zhaga specifications
  18. Zhaga releases Edition 1.4 of Book 1 interface specification
  19. Zhaga plans participation at GILE and LpS
  20. Tridonic, Samsung unveil Zhaga-based products
  21. Zhaga welcomes new members
  22. Electrical Contractor magazine publishes in-depth article on Zhaga
  23. LEDucation 7 conference to feature Zhaga speakers
  24. Zhaga Consortium publishes Book 2 interface specification
  25. Zhaga updates Vision and Mission statements
  26. Articles describe Zhaga activities and progress
  27. Zhaga unveils database of certified products
  28. Zhaga to present Webcast for LEDs Magazine
  29. Coming soon: Publication of Zhaga Book 2 specification
  30. Zhaga appoints marketing communications manager
  31. Zhaga Consortium celebrates a successful 2012
  32. Zhaga unveils list of certified products
  33. First public Zhaga interface specification now available for download
  34. Zhaga continues to add new members
  35. The first public Zhaga interface specification available for download
  36. 40 products Zhaga certified
  37. Zhaga articles in LED Professional Review
  38. Zhaga - Publication of the first Zhaga specification
  39. Book 2 certification started downlight with integrated control gear
  40. 16th Zhaga meeting
  41. Zhaga Press Conference at Light+Building 2012
  42. Zhaga Consortium Major members
  43. 15th Zhaga Meeting Held in Taiwan - March 14 -2012 - Hosted by Epistar
  44. Book 3 certification started
  45. The 7th Zhaga specification
  46. What is Zhaga consortium ? How is it connected to SSL & LED Lighting Industry ?