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  1. ISF Memories : Rambus and SK Hynix Extend License Agreement
  2. ISF Memories -Alliance Memory to Offer Legacy Micron Semiconductor 512M SDRAMs
  3. ISF -Memory - Samsung Now Producing Industry’s First M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD
  4. Winbond Top Serial Flash Memory Supplier Worldwide, Ships 1.7 Billion Units in 2012,
  5. ISF -Embedded - Memories - Flash : Renesas MONOS eFlash Technology Introduction
  6. ISF-PR- Memories Samsung Intro Advanced Memory Storage for Slim Smartphones,Tablets
  7. ISF- Embedded -Memories - SSD
  8. Samsung Introduces World’s Thinnest Optical Disc Drive for Ultrabooks and Tablets
  9. Spansion and SK Hynix Announce Strategic NAND Alliance
  10. SanDisk Develops World’s Smallest 128Gb NAND Flash Memory Chip
  11. Micron Introduces the Highest Density SPI NOR Flash memories
  12. Micron DebutsHighest-Density, High-Performance SPI NOR Flash Memory256, 512Mb1Gb
  13. Apple’s iCloud May Threaten Future NAND Demand -iSuppli
  14. Embedded NOR flash memory to reach 3.96billion units in 2011-iSupply
  15. Spansion aims for a comeback with innovative flash memory
  16. Non-Volatile Memory Options in Portable Designs