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  15. Introducing the Propeller Board of Education
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  19. chipKIT™ for the Arduino™ Community
  20. System Demonstration Platform ( SDP ) Simplifies Evaluation Analog Devices
  21. Atmel AVR Tools Quality
  22. Atmel AVR Tools Quality
  23. EFM32 Giant Gecko kit with J-Trace, Electronic Paper Display demo, energyAware Tools
  24. PIC24F Accessory Development Starter Kit for Andriod™
  25. mTouch™ Capacitive Touch Evaluation Kit
  26. AM18x Sitaraa ARM ® EVM NOW bundled with WiLink 6 0 WL Standard
  27. Freescale's Cortex-M4 Kinetis Boards in Action
  28. Getting Started with i.MX50 Development Platforms using Linux®
  29. ECP3 Versa Development Kit PCI Express Demo from Lattice Semiconductors